The Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus 

Who founded the choir? Who conducts and plays accompaniment during rehearsal?

Zachary Levine founded the choir alone, and conducts and leads rehearsals each week. Cindy Cui plays piano, and Liam Cresswell occasionally plays guitar.


How much does it cost to join the Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus? Are there any hidden charges I should know about?

Through our associations with the School of the Arts and the Arts & Science Program at McMaster University, joining and singing with the Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus is completely free - now and forever.

I noticed that the space is fully wheelchair accessible. Where is the ramp to enter the building?

A ramp to enter Togo Salmon Hall is accessible from the street entrance to the building, near the David Braley Athletic Center. See the below image, noting the ramp on the left of the photo, near the red "Togo Salmon Hall" sign.

Any further questions?

Email Zachary at, or find Zachary via phone at (647) - 505 - 6460, with any additional inquiries or concerns.