The Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus 

Please note that due to healthcare concerns regarding COVID-19, the Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus has moved all our rehearsals online. Please join our mailing list for more information on how to join. 


Do you or a loved one live with Parkinson's Disease?


There is compelling scientific evidence that singing helps breathing and speech-related symptoms in people with Parkinson's Disease. The Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus is a welcoming place for people to exercise speech and breathing muscles, experience music, and engage in a community. The Hamilton Parkinson's Chorus operates in association with McMaster University, and is inspired by the Toronto Parkinson's Choir, Singing with Parkinson's. No musical experience is required, and membership is entirely free. Newcomers are welcome at all rehearsals - we will provide you with a music binder and a kazoo, and a parking pass should you require parking on campus. 


We meet every Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on McMaster University Campus, starting our new season on January 8th, 2020. All are welcome to attend. We meet in the Togo Salmon Hall, West Building, basement room 124. Please click the button to the right of the screen to join our mailing list.


Our meetings begin with vocal, facial, and physical warm ups, followed by a repertoire of engaging songs. We use tongue twisters to practice and improve the articulation of our speech - making it easier for other people to understand us when we speak. We employ exercises to strengthen the muscles involved in speech production, such as the tongue. We make use of Kazoo instruments to strengthen our vocal cords and create notes along the way. Rehearsal is two hours long, and we break halfway through rehearsal for snacks and socialization, before singing for a second hour. No musical experience or skills are required. We're not concerned with how we sound—it's about making a sound and sharing our experiences with others. Caregivers and significant others are welcome to attend. 


Subscribe to our mailing list (the button on the right of the screen) to join our mailing list. We would be honoured to have you join us.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Zachary Levine at (647) - 505 - 6460 or email us at


Where to find us: Togo Salmon Hall West Building, Room B124





The McMaster University School of the Arts:

  • Dr. Andrew Mitchell
  • Dr. Matthew Woolhouse








With additional financial support from:

  • Joan Nathanson